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10, von
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
snake chasing tail 11400mari
snake eyes 11368Mustanger2
snake skin 5312von
solar system 12901Anthony
solitaire 14184MELODIE
solitaire cruise 14369lo sam zayin
sonic boom 13286MELODIE
sound structure 13923DBURN
space debris 13288Terry
space station 12488Anthony
spark of life 5397MELODIE
sparse 5202ice
spell book 14096MELODIE
spinning top 22268denise
split apart 13673Ann
spot the difference 13433Daddy
spy hole 13272Anthony
square beetle 12179Anthony
square snail 12871mari
st george 13508Anthony
stadium plans 11221Terry
staggered newt 24415Daddy
staggered stars 4743Crusader 4thTime
staggered windows 22520Daddy
stained glass window 22282Daddy
stairs to the sky 12761Anthony
stand tall 15547Monique
star destroyer 12158Terry
statue remains 11489Karen
step to the altar 13658Anthony
steps and stairs 11915Terry
storage room 27086MELODIE
straight forward 13907Anthony
strange markings 10776Terry
strange tools 5647Anthony
stream 11646Terry
string theory 23399Sayuri
stripes 14530BOB
structured 23352Terry
sudoku 8720Crusader 4thTime
super nova 0Not Set
suspension bridge 22805Terry
sweeping mejestically 5199Anthony
sweet wrapper 12214Terry
swirls 24094Carmen
symmetry 12641Carmen
taj mahal 11993Terry
take the red pill 12219von
tapestry 4477Ann
teeth 22926Anthony

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