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Layout name Highest score Scored by
snake chasing tail 11916fatty
snake eyes 10696fatty
snake skin 4634Anon
solar system 12643Anon
solitaire 13235fatty
solitaire cruise 0Anon
sonic boom 12668fatty
sound structure 14274Sup123
space debris 11614Anon
space station 10613Anon
spark of life 5374Anon
sparse 4791Anon
spell book 11917Anon
spinning top 21670Anon
split apart 12349fatty
spot the difference 11855fatty
spy hole 10769fatty
square beetle 10443fatty
square snail 11247fatty
st george 13281George Moreo LT
stadium plans 11674fatty
staggered newt 23613fatty
staggered stars 4657Anon
staggered windows 22199fatty
stained glass window 22463fatty
stairs to the sky 11101jet
stand tall 13594Lupo
star destroyer 12336fatty
statue remains 10877fatty
step to the altar 12670George Moreo LT
steps and stairs 10394fatty
storage room 23947fatty
straight forward 14280George Moreo LT
strange markings 11337fatty
strange tools 5232Anon
stream 11441fatty
string theory 20761fatty
stripes 13093Tango
structured 20774fatty
sudoku 8674Anon
super nova 0Anon
suspension bridge 22544fatty
sweeping mejestically 5399Anon
sweet wrapper 12180fatty
swirls 22212fatty
symmetry 10739fatty
taj mahal 10958fatty
take the red pill 11784fatty
tapestry 3779Anon
teeth 19297fatty

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