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Layout name Highest score Scored by
two forts 13257Ronnie II
two halves 24893MELODIE
two keys 22559von
two platforms 6012MELODIE
two towers 13920Romie
u boat 13194Ronnie II
umbrella 12754Ronnie II
under construction 5723MELODIE
underground cave 12368Ronnie II
unicorn 12412Ronnie II
union jack 12041Ronnie II
unknown portal 20874Anon
upturned centipede 5477Anon
urban skyline 5387MELODIE
vague vogue 5267MELODIE
valley of kings 13248Ronnie II
vertical wall 13102Ronnie II
vestry 5340MELODIE
waiting patiently 5383Romie
waiting room 24514Anon
walled eyed 6818ange
waving alien 11017Anon
where is the well 22199Romie
widescreen 21770von
wiggily worms 13476Ronnie II
window 5152Romie
wings 4934Anon
wings of a dove 5389Ronnie II
winners trophy 13805Ronnie II
wise bowties 22546Ronnie II
wise eyes 5334Ronnie II
x marks the spot 5126Romie
x marks the spot 2 0Anon
xciting times 6056MELODIE
zigzag 24993Ronnie II
zodiac aquarius 13116Ronnie II
zodiac aries 13276Ronnie II
zodiac cancer 12421Ronnie II
zodiac capricorn 13610Ronnie II
zodiac gemini 12111Ronnie II
zodiac leo 12655Ronnie II
zodiac libra 11706Ronnie II
zodiac pisces 12552Ronnie II
zodiac sagittarius 10114von
zodiac scorpio 12044Ronnie II
zodiac taurus 12758Ronnie II
zodiac virgo 13281Ronnie II
zylom 0Anon

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