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2, pam
4, lisa
6, Benchmark
7, davo
8, PAT
9, glb
10, Kent Woodham
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
two forts 13867Nancy
two halves 22181brb
two keys 21882brb
two platforms 5996Ronnie
two towers 13756Ronnie
u boat 13292tomato
umbrella 12418Ronnie
under construction 5620brb
underground cave 12214tomato
unicorn 13475tomato
union jack 12493George MoReo LT
unknown portal 21243brb
upturned centipede 5287Ronnie
urban skyline 5225Ronnie
vague vogue 4723Anthony
valley of kings 13124brb
vertical wall 13691Vegeta
vestry 5167Nancy
waiting patiently 5439GRANNY PI
waiting room 23164Janie T
walled eyed 6983Monique
waving alien 11837lisa
where is the well 23026Linda Jane
widescreen 22287George MoReo LT
wiggily worms 12840tomato
window 6021Crusader 4thTime
wings 4660Monique
wings of a dove 5408George MoReo LT
winners trophy 13606Ronnie
wise bowties 24612George MoReo LT
wise eyes 5509George MoReo LT
x marks the spot 4653Monique
x marks the spot 2 18774Phyllis
xciting times 6067Ronnie
zigzag 24831tomato
zodiac aquarius 13590Ronnie
zodiac aries 13453Ronnie
zodiac cancer 12536Ronnie
zodiac capricorn 12636tomato
zodiac gemini 11808tomato
zodiac leo 11335ellen
zodiac libra 12985Ronnie
zodiac pisces 12387lisa
zodiac sagittarius 11626tomato
zodiac scorpio 12717ellen
zodiac taurus 12727tomato
zodiac virgo 12371ellen
zylom 0Not Set

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