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Layout name Highest score Scored by
two forts 13664George Moreo LT
two halves Anon
two keys 19342Cheryl Mac
two platforms 5475Donna
two towers 14653George Moreo LT
u boat 13232George Moreo LT
umbrella 10340CHAR
under construction 4398Anon
underground cave 8634CHAR
unicorn 10042Cheryl Mac
union jack 11660Ronnie II
unknown portal 18476Anon
upturned centipede 5312Ronnie II
urban skyline 4650Cheryl Mac
vague vogue 4145Anon
valley of kings 11917Ronnie II
vertical wall 13859Ronnie II
vestry 5181Ronnie II
waiting patiently 5323Ronnie II
waiting room 23771Anon
walled eyed 5733Anon
waving alien 9140Cheryl Mac
where is the well Anon
widescreen 18935Anon
wiggily worms 13124Ronnie II
window 4607CHAR
wings 3887CHAR
wings of a dove 5354Ronnie II
winners trophy 12865Ronnie II
wise bowties 22692Ronnie II
wise eyes 5250Ronnie II
x marks the spot 4218CHAR
x marks the spot 2 0Anon
xciting times 5932Ronnie II
zigzag 24932Ronnie II
zodiac aquarius 12714Ronnie II
zodiac aries 12920Ronnie II
zodiac cancer 12857Ronnie II
zodiac capricorn 11862Ronnie II
zodiac gemini 12288Ronnie II
zodiac leo 12541Ronnie II
zodiac libra 12555Ronnie II
zodiac pisces 12795Ronnie II
zodiac sagittarius 9344CHAR
zodiac scorpio 11593Ronnie II
zodiac taurus 11736Ronnie II
zodiac virgo 11621Linda
zylom 0Anon

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