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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 12973bear
temple of aikido 13193bear
temple of ninja 11903bear
temple ruins 14472MELODIE
tennis 11602BRB
tent 5637Anon
the acropolis 12975bear
the almighty dollar 13002bear
the big one 24924Tango
the crane 12252bear
the dojo 12987nath
the gateway 23102bear
the great wall of china 9989Mic le terrible
the lotus 12782bear
the mirror lies 5384bear
the pits 12666nath
the reflection 25142Val
the right track 11973bear
the two mountains 11359nath
the vault 24282Val
the windy shrimp 11461Anon
there and back 13380BRB
thicket 23327bear
thin streets 13249Val
three boxes 22636BRB
three jewls 12698Anon
three kings 12441bear
through road 7051MELODIE
tides 11205BRB
tile spider 12303BRB
tiled floor 13264bear
toitoise power 23209bear
totum poles 11267bear
town square 12815BRB
transformer 12505bear
trapdoors either side 23613Val
trapezium 13189Anon
triangle 13431Ronnie II
tribal markings 5469MELODIE
tribal spiral 12822Linda Jane
tribal village 12798Linda Jane
triple trouble 23103bear
tropical parasols 13643MELODIE
truck 14629Anon
trust in me 5875von
turtle 5560david
twin crabs 12177BRB
twin owls 22244bear
twist and shout 5194Ronnie II
twisted architect 12728bear

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