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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 12087DV8
temple of aikido 13812bear
temple of ninja 11732bear
temple ruins 13532MELODIE
tennis 12127MELODIE
tent 5681Anon
the acropolis 12295bear
the almighty dollar 13769bear
the big one 24076Tango
the crane 12054bear
the dojo 12670bear
the gateway 22427MELODIE
the great wall of china 0Anon
the lotus 12779bear
the mirror lies 5320MELODIE
the pits 13850bear
the reflection 25136George Mo
the right track 12533Val
the two mountains 13769bear
the vault 24518Lulu
the windy shrimp 12250bear
there and back 13731George Mo
thicket 23132BRB
thin streets 14394MELODIE
three boxes 22208DV8
three jewls 13172Anon
three kings 12804bear
through road 7245MELODIE
tides 11240fatty
tile spider 12782bear
tiled floor 14301MELODIE
toitoise power 23764bear
totum poles 11920fatty
town square 12192fatty
transformer 12434bear
trapdoors either side 25252Val
trapezium 13232Lulu
triangle 13365MELODIE
tribal markings 5468MELODIE
tribal spiral 13608MELODIE
tribal village 13139MELODIE
triple trouble 23232DV8
tropical parasols 13652MELODIE
truck 17482hiro
trust in me 6090david
turtle 5539david
twin crabs 14020MELODIE
twin owls 21696bear
twist and shout 4891Anon
twisted architect 13851MELODIE

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