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2, jar
3, pam
4, von
5, lisa
7, glb
8, rick
9, Benchmark
10, davo
1, vava
2, theresa
3, bren
4, ellen
5, wonton
6, ytkuyt
7, ire
8, john
9, Nanny Sherry
10, yyyyy
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 12223Nancy
temple of aikido 13529Anthony
temple of ninja 11851von
temple ruins 13945MELODIE
tennis 10316Goddezz
tent 5545ans 1964
the acropolis 13432Anthony
the almighty dollar 10671Goddezz
the big one 25528gustje
the crane 12444Annick Jeanne
the dojo 13904Anthony
the gateway 19773giordano
the great wall of china 0Not Set
the lotus 13972George MoReo LT
the mirror lies 5494George MoReo LT
the pits 14991Anthony
the reflection 21774Linda Jane
the right track 10436gustje
the two mountains 11472teresa
the vault 23897Lucie
the windy shrimp 13418George MoReo LT
there and back 12417teresa
thicket 25854Yevaud
thin streets 13189teresa
three boxes 21691Nunya
three jewls 13949Nancy
three kings 13626George MoReo LT
through road 7986s
tides 12319s
tile spider 13698s
tiled floor 16963s
toitoise power 23169s
totum poles 15999s
town square 15864s
transformer 13963s
trapdoors either side 26864s
trapezium 15938s
triangle 15978s
tribal markings 6901s
tribal spiral 15891s
tribal village 15238s
triple trouble 25694s
tropical parasols 15260s
truck 13468anita
trust in me 6132von
turtle 5523izabel
twin crabs 15391s
twin owls 24648s
twist and shout 6934s
twisted architect 14962s

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