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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 12869fatty
temple of aikido 13540anthony
temple of ninja 10806fatty
temple ruins 13398MELODIE
tennis 12510anthony
tent 5716Anon
the acropolis 12205anthony
the almighty dollar 12275anthony
the big one 23118von
the crane 12742fatty
the dojo 13567Ronnie II
the gateway 23858MELODIE
the great wall of china 0Anon
the lotus 13000anthony
the mirror lies 5371Ronnie II
the pits 12682anthony
the reflection 23831wisc G
the right track 11991anthony
the two mountains 12880wisc G
the vault 25462Lulu
the windy shrimp 12765bella
there and back 12583Anon
thicket 25556wisc G
thin streets 14242MELODIE
three boxes 24863wisc G
three jewls 13590anthony
three kings 12534fatty
through road 7149Ronnie II
tides 11191bella
tile spider 12561Anon
tiled floor 14222MELODIE
toitoise power 24650wisc G
totum poles 11773bella
town square 13447wisc G
transformer 11126bella
trapdoors either side 24086wisc G
trapezium 13555Lulu
triangle 14132Lulu
tribal markings 5453MELODIE
tribal spiral 12690fatty
tribal village 11984Linda Jane
triple trouble 24751anthony
tropical parasols 13493MELODIE
truck 0Anon
trust in me 4380Anon
turtle 5395BETH
twin crabs 12894MELODIE
twin owls 23469wisc G
twist and shout 5243Ronnie II
twisted architect 12087fatty

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