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Layout name Highest score Scored by
television 10640fatty
temple of aikido 13080George Moreo LT
temple of ninja 10292fatty
temple ruins 10797fatty
tennis 10650fatty
tent 5761Anon
the acropolis 9945fatty
the almighty dollar 10588fatty
the big one 22812Tango
the crane 11338fatty
the dojo 13337fatty
the gateway 18604fatty
the great wall of china 0Anon
the lotus 11368fatty
the mirror lies 4852Anon
the pits 11100fatty
the reflection 22004fatty
the right track 9493fatty
the two mountains 13298George Moreo LT
the vault 21928fatty
the windy shrimp 11633fatty
there and back 11484Anon
thicket 20931fatty
thin streets 10921sophia
three boxes 23032George Moreo LT
three jewls 13607George Moreo LT
three kings 12232George Moreo LT
through road 6379George Moreo LT
tides 11208fatty
tile spider 10823fatty
tiled floor 10999fatty
toitoise power 21923fatty
totum poles 11495fatty
town square 11408fatty
transformer 10178fatty
trapdoors either side 19457fatty
trapezium 12051George Moreo LT
triangle 12168fatty
tribal markings 5234George Moreo LT
tribal spiral 12382fatty
tribal village 10935fatty
triple trouble 22099Anon
tropical parasols 9101Stella
truck 0Anon
trust in me 4769Lupo
turtle Anon
twin crabs 8706Stella
twin owls 18719Anon
twist and shout 4579George Moreo LT
twisted architect Anon

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