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Layout name Highest score Scored by
odd building 13556julie
oddball 11643bella
off the chart! 12931George Mo
office desks 21930Timaru
on stage 6027Timaru
open the gate 24652George Mo
original 14162gaby 64
out of place 5648George Mo
oval plate 23284BRB
over the hills 12110Anon
overhang 24001wisc G
owl eyes 12110Val
oyster mouth 12547BRB
pagoda 1 12816BRB
pagoda 2 11561BRB
palace courtyard 12693Timaru
paralellogram 13684boix
parking spaces 11435bella
patchwork 11471George Mo
pattern 5395Timaru
paved patio 24504wisc G
peking praying mantis 12727George Mo
percentage 11749von
persian rug 26659Sup123
phoenix 22612wisc G
phone frenzy! 11946Val
pi 12598Louise
picket fence 5395von
picture frame 13257George Mo
picture this 12312George Mo
picturesque 11967BRB
piles of sand 11381George Mo
plaque 5444Anon
plateau 18768superfetatoire
platform 4810Mona
platypuses 24342wisc G
point to the arrow 11679von
pong 12639Timaru
portal to the darkside 5543Timaru
pot holes 12025Anon
primeval 6539MELODIE
primordial 25202Anon
profound 5443Timaru
pulse 7051david
puzzle box 14422Anon
quarters 12971BRB
quaters 5402Anon
ra 6102Anon
race track 12473George Mo
ragged landscape 24854wisc G

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