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Layout name Highest score Scored by
odd building 10402Anon
oddball 9453Anon
off the chart! 12249Anon
office desks 21767bella
on stage 5945MELODIE
open the gate 23081Anon
original 14672Anon
out of place 5570George Mo
oval plate 22019Anon
over the hills 10522Anon
overhang 19341Anon
owl eyes 10205gilbert
oyster mouth 13007BobC
pagoda 1 11802BobC
pagoda 2 10277BobC
palace courtyard 9678Anon
paralellogram 11020Anon
parking spaces 10956BobC
patchwork 11474BobC
pattern 5426MELODIE
paved patio 19375Anon
peking praying mantis 11915Val
percentage 10172Anon
persian rug 25448Sup123
phoenix 19940Queen
phone frenzy! 12782Val
pi 10588Anon
picket fence 5312lainebelle
picture frame 10334gilbert
picture this 9418Anon
picturesque 11199Val
piles of sand 8891Anon
plaque 5447Anon
plateau 17495fifine
platform 4901Tango
platypuses 21389BobC
point to the arrow 12182Sup123
pong 11227Zeldane
portal to the darkside 5424Timaru
pot holes 10936Anon
primeval 6119Timaru
primordial 20669DV8
profound 5478Timaru
pulse 6684Anon
puzzle box 13865von
quarters 10977Anon
quaters 5416Anon
ra 6015Anon
race track 11155Zeldane
ragged landscape 21415Val

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