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Layout name Highest score Scored by
odd building 12451anthony
oddball 12030Timaru
off the chart! 13128Timaru
office desks 23615Val
on stage 6094Timaru
open the gate 23685Anon
original 14716sanne 2
out of place 5547CHAR
oval plate 23253Timaru
over the hills 12217anthony
overhang 22980Romie
owl eyes 12297Romie
oyster mouth 13509BobC
pagoda 1 12625Romie
pagoda 2 12286Romie
palace courtyard 12219Timaru
paralellogram 13348Timaru
parking spaces 12291Timaru
patchwork 12445anthony
pattern 5439MELODIE
paved patio 25648MELODIE
peking praying mantis 11595Val
percentage 13011George Moreo LT
persian rug 25505SuperM
phoenix 21305fatty
phone frenzy! 13083MELODIE
pi 12554Romie
picket fence 5973von
picture frame 12023Romie
picture this 11888Romie
picturesque 11198ange
piles of sand 11760Timaru
plaque 5488Anon
plateau 18961Romie
platform 4546Romie
platypuses 23057Romie
point to the arrow 12071Timaru
pong 12407Timaru
portal to the darkside 5486Timaru
pot holes 12900fatty
primeval 6933Timaru
primordial 24199Timaru
profound 5464jar4
pulse 6754Romie
puzzle box 14141George Moreo LT
quarters 13769Timaru
quaters 5414Romie
ra 6129ange
race track 12170fatty
ragged landscape 24229Timaru

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