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4, lisa
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8, glb
9, davo
10, von
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
odd building 13071Anthony
oddball 11130Terry
off the chart! 12484Nancy
office desks 22448Valpatou
on stage 5541Daddy
open the gate 22973Valpatou
original 13770gaby
out of place 5582George MoReo LT
oval plate 22813arlin
over the hills 11445Carmen
overhang 22438Valpatou
owl eyes 11763Terry
oyster mouth 12294bob
pagoda 1 12864Terry
pagoda 2 11594Terry
palace courtyard 12183Terry
paralellogram 13772Nancy
parking spaces 11229bob
patchwork 11211Terry
pattern 5512MELODIE
paved patio 24532Polo
peking praying mantis 11624Carmen
percentage 11552Terry
persian rug 26319DBURN
phoenix 22007Terry
phone frenzy! 12515Valaree
pi 10434Terry
picket fence 6152Carmen
picture frame 11786Terry
picture this 12212Vegeta
picturesque 9711Carmen
piles of sand 11229vikki
plaque 5340pandora
plateau 18071Carmen
platform 4669von
platypuses 22037Nancy
point to the arrow 11745Terry
pong 12070Mustanger2
portal to the darkside 4733von
pot holes 12987Terry
primeval 6803Daddy
primordial 23142Terry
profound 5204MELODIE
pulse 5647Crusader 4thTime
puzzle box 13625Anthony
quarters 13029Anthony
quaters 5398Valaree
ra 5315Carmen
race track 11174Vegeta
ragged landscape 23763Terry

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