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Layout name Highest score Scored by
odd building 13225MELODIE
oddball 10709von
off the chart! 12521von
office desks 21390Timaru
on stage 6026MELODIE
open the gate 22497von
original 14369Lulu
out of place 5674George Mo
oval plate 24799George Mo
over the hills 12283Anon
overhang 22758DV8
owl eyes 11947George Mo
oyster mouth 12637BobC
pagoda 1 12821Timaru
pagoda 2 12566DV8
palace courtyard 11793von
paralellogram 13587Anon
parking spaces 11856bella
patchwork 11300BobC
pattern 5465George Mo
paved patio 26366MELODIE
peking praying mantis 13133Timaru
percentage 11664bella
persian rug 25732Val
phoenix 22868George Mo
phone frenzy! 11645von
pi 12072DV8
picket fence 4740Anon
picture frame 12362Anon
picture this 12180von
picturesque 10315von
piles of sand 12341George Mo
plaque 5465Anon
plateau 17606fifine
platform 4673Tango
platypuses 21482von
point to the arrow 11589von
pong 12917Timaru
portal to the darkside 5584Timaru
pot holes 11486superfetatoire
primeval 6939Timaru
primordial 22526von
profound 5432Timaru
pulse 6770david
puzzle box 13678Anon
quarters 12113superfetatoire
quaters 5413Anon
ra 6118david
race track 11911DV8
ragged landscape 22994DV8

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