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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 12993bella
expensive brooch 13767Lulu
exposion 7198MELODIE
extremely hard! 13849Lulu
eye 6725MELODIE
fenced in 12211vic
fighting fish 23406vic
fish and chips 11374vic
fish bones 21884vic
fissure 12664anthony
flat frog 5402MELODIE
flat terrapin 26709vic
flower bed 12426anthony
flower box 12374vic
flowers 26161MELODIE
fly away 4111edith
fog horn 12707Anon
forcefield 11974vic
foreboding temple 13053bella
fortified entrance 22334vic
fortified stronghold 12071bella
fortress wall 10739bella
fossil 6108anthony
foundations 4685Anon
four caskets 20657bella
four ex 5554MELODIE
four islets 7218Anon
four zero 6892MELODIE
funky 5803anthony
galleon at sea 11853bella
game of 2 halves 10280bella
gargoyle 10990bella
geyser 5147MELODIE
giant magnet 11609Anon
giant swirl 19010Goddezz2
giant zig zig 10433Goddezz2
glass shards 5222anthony
glasses 12776anthony
grand opening 6123Anon
grassy knoll 24168Timaru
grate 6870noone
great wall of words 0Anon
greek building 12275Timaru
greenhouse effect 10743RED FISH
grey matter 23191Quevix
grills 0Anon
groups of three 5433MELODIE
guitar 16215Anon
half 10536bella
half olympian 5212anthony

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