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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 12872fatty
expensive brooch 14458Lulu
exposion 6999MELODIE
extremely hard! 13844Lulu
eye 7033bear
fenced in 13607bear
fighting fish 23659Val
fish and chips 10965von
fish bones 23450Val
fissure 12096anthony
flat frog 5283MELODIE
flat terrapin 26186Lulu
flower bed 12321bear
flower box 11700bear
flowers 24240MELODIE
fly away 4354Romie
fog horn 12907bear
forcefield 13212bear
foreboding temple 14305bear
fortified entrance 21993bear
fortified stronghold 12420bear
fortress wall 11844bear
fossil 6938von
foundations 5425MELODIE
four caskets 24192bear
four ex 5574George Moreo LT
four islets 7388Anon
four zero 6942MELODIE
funky 5739MELODIE
galleon at sea 13182bear
game of 2 halves 11570bear
gargoyle 12131bear
geyser 5396MELODIE
giant magnet 12992Anon
giant swirl 21833bear
giant zig zig 13235MELODIE
glass shards 5375Anon
glasses 13525Romie
grand opening 6405MELODIE
grassy knoll 25931MELODIE
grate 7584ange
great wall of words 12402anita
greek building 12420bear
greenhouse effect 13667MELODIE
grey matter 23395KAREN88888
grills 0Anon
groups of three 5522MELODIE
guitar 16067Anon
half 11255bear
half olympian 5420MELODIE

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