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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 12940George Mo
expensive brooch 14299Lulu
exposion 7102MELODIE
extremely hard! 14687Lulu
eye 6664MELODIE
fenced in 13987George Mo
fighting fish 21814Karen888
fish and chips 11972George Mo
fish bones 22549fatty
fissure 11868fatty
flat frog 5263George Mo
flat terrapin 26266Lulu
flower bed 14120Anon
flower box 11781DV8
flowers 22980Karen888
fly away 4655ange
fog horn 13791George Mo
forcefield 13567George Mo
foreboding temple 13396George Mo
fortified entrance 20935fatty
fortified stronghold 12128George Mo
fortress wall 12430George Mo
fossil 6801Timaru
foundations 5352david
four caskets 22114ange
four ex 5513david
four islets 7473Anon
four zero 6839MELODIE
funky 5659George Mo
galleon at sea 13428George Mo
game of 2 halves 12329George Mo
gargoyle 11607George Mo
geyser 4763George Mo
giant magnet 13445George Mo
giant swirl 20435George Mo
giant zig zig 11283Karen888
glass shards 5504George Mo
glasses 13295George Mo
grand opening 6426George Mo
grassy knoll 25851Timaru
grate 7317Anon
great wall of words 13898ziggy
greek building 12836George Mo
greenhouse effect 13578George Mo
grey matter 23278DV8
grills 0Anon
groups of three 5593Gabi
guitar 16123Anon
half 12754George Mo
half olympian 5129George Mo

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