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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 12696Val
expensive brooch 13924Lulu
exposion 7124MELODIE
extremely hard! 14203Lulu
eye 7088MELODIE
fenced in 12456George Mo
fighting fish 25601Val
fish and chips 12493George Mo
fish bones 21662Anon
fissure 12916George Mo
flat frog 5366MELODIE
flat terrapin 26249Lulu
flower bed 12825George Mo
flower box 12864George Mo
flowers 24138Karen888
fly away 4812superfetatoire
fog horn 13932George Mo
forcefield 13146George Mo
foreboding temple 14013George Mo
fortified entrance 25601Val
fortified stronghold 12078George Mo
fortress wall 13523George Mo
fossil 6909George Mo
foundations 5405George Mo
four caskets 24886Val
four ex 5555George Mo
four islets 7670Anon
four zero 6904MELODIE
funky 5795MELODIE
galleon at sea 13319George Mo
game of 2 halves 12414George Mo
gargoyle 14187George Mo
geyser 5311George Mo
giant magnet 12293George Mo
giant swirl 23042Val
giant zig zig 12510Val
glass shards 5453George Mo
glasses 14107MELODIE
grand opening 6847MELODIE
grassy knoll 26946Timaru
grate 7564Anon
great wall of words 0Anon
greek building 13070George Mo
greenhouse effect 13524MELODIE
grey matter 22588George Mo
grills 0Anon
groups of three 5506George Mo
guitar 16932Anon
half 12998George Mo
half olympian 4846George Mo

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