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8, rick
9, Benchmark
10, davo
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 12937s
expensive brooch 15916s
exposion 7097MELODIE
extremely hard! 15964s
eye 6934s
fenced in 13952s
fighting fish 24542colfax, wi
fish and chips 11449VCS2015
fish bones 24065colfax, wi
fissure 14937s
flat frog 5951s
flat terrapin 28522Lucie
flower bed 12934s
flower box 12953s
flowers 25217MELODIE
fly away 4926Vie
fog horn 14963s
forcefield 12999s
foreboding temple 12855VCS2015
fortified entrance 23957s
fortified stronghold 13040tomato
fortress wall 12967s
fossil 6951s
foundations 5943s
four caskets 22549s
four ex 6854s
four islets 6752Monique
four zero 7952s
funky 6921s
galleon at sea 12397s
game of 2 halves 12513s
gargoyle 13073MELODIE
geyser 5368MELODIE
giant magnet 13919s
giant swirl 22931s
giant zig zig 14932s
glass shards 6539s
glasses 14068Anthony
grand opening 7517s
grassy knoll 27851s
grate 7171WAWA
great wall of words 11771celine
greek building 14258s
greenhouse effect 15637s
grey matter 24937s
grills 0Not Set
groups of three 6927s
guitar 16274john
half 11820Vie
half olympian 6821s

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