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10, von
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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 9517Goddezz
expensive brooch 14434von
exposion 7252MELODIE
extremely hard! 13968von
eye 6661colfax, wi
fenced in 10756C3
fighting fish 19186Goddezz
fish and chips 9305Vegeta
fish bones 24040colfax, wi
fissure 11845Anthony
flat frog 4251Vegeta
flat terrapin 25728colfax, wi
flower bed 12378colfax, wi
flower box 12853colfax, wi
flowers 24539colfax, wi
fly away 4503edi
fog horn 10897Goddezz
forcefield 12014Goddezz
foreboding temple 11029Vegeta
fortified entrance 20003Goddezz
fortified stronghold 10592rosejolie
fortress wall 10810Goddezz
fossil 6911MELODIE
foundations 5090grandadpi
four caskets 19384Goddezz
four ex 5445MELODIE
four islets 8375von
four zero 6942MELODIE
funky 5860von
galleon at sea 11274Goddezz
game of 2 halves 12044nila
gargoyle 10122Vegeta
geyser 4022Anthony
giant magnet 11413Vegeta
giant swirl 20808Goddezz
giant zig zig 12578MELODIE
glass shards 5292Anthony
glasses 13459Anthony
grand opening 5654von
grassy knoll 22933Carrot88
grate 7689Crusader 4thTime
great wall of words 0Not Set
greek building 11104Vegeta
greenhouse effect 10663youandi
grey matter 20672Yevaud
grills 0Not Set
groups of three 5484Gabi
guitar 15566john
half 11520Goddezz
half olympian 5232Anthony

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