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Layout name Highest score Scored by
exotic waves 11191Romie
expensive brooch 12471Romie
exposion 6737Romie
extremely hard! 13919Sam
eye 6192George Moreo LT
fenced in 11123Romie
fighting fish 21180Romie
fish and chips 9391Romie
fish bones 20173Romie
fissure 11863Romie
flat frog 5232George Moreo LT
flat terrapin 26192Romie
flower bed 11735Romie
flower box 10086Romie
flowers 21362Romie
fly away 4433Romie
fog horn 12351Romie
forcefield 10418Romie
foreboding temple 10650Romie
fortified entrance 22771Romie
fortified stronghold 10822Romie
fortress wall 10560Romie
fossil 5415Romie
foundations 4433Romie
four caskets 20583Romie
four ex 5506George Moreo LT
four islets 7325Romie
four zero 5264Romie
funky 5118Romie
galleon at sea 10283Romie
game of 2 halves 10878BETTIE
gargoyle 11258Romie
geyser 4324Romie
giant magnet 10163Romie
giant swirl 20697Romie
giant zig zig 9469Romie
glass shards 5284George Moreo LT
glasses 9806Romie
grand opening 5723George Moreo LT
grassy knoll 24576Anon
grate 8002Romie
great wall of words 0Anon
greek building 10685Romie
greenhouse effect 10816Romie
grey matter 19160Romie
grills 0Anon
groups of three 5381George Moreo LT
guitar 15519Anon
half 11287Romie
half olympian 4613Romie

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