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Layout name Highest score Scored by
144 tiles 12735Timaru
2 guns 11123Timaru
4 rings 13438Ronnie II
a crown for the queen 26477Timaru
absract reflection 11741Timaru
abstract 5942MELODIE
accordian 6229MELODIE
aliens have landed 13046Ronnie II
all seeing eye 13162Ronnie II
an eye for an eye 13013las
anchor 0Anon
ancient city 10553Timaru
ancient egypt 13557MELODIE
ancient symbols 6997MELODIE
angry dragon 13490DV8
aquaducts 11620DV8
archways 23670Val
are they triangles 21987Timaru
arena 4733von
armchairs 23181Timaru
armoured scorpion 5275MELODIE
at the zoo 11641von
axehead 23430MELODIE
aztec mask 25343MELODIE
aztec totums 26761kanuhura2
back to back 11488DV8
badge 7548MFrank
balloons 7917Pochini
bamboo forest 14270kanuhura2
bamboo grove 5551kanuhura2
barnicle 5864Anon
bats in the belfry 24518MELODIE
behind bars 21078DV8
big ears 5801MELODIE
binary encoded 13292MELODIE
bird of prey 13145Valerie
birds eye view 5134MELODIE
blank manuscript 13369Kym
blind rat 13753DV8
blob 6820MELODIE
block of test 5261MELODIE
blocks 12720Anon
blocks of life 25403Val
bottom of a boat 23269beb
brain storm 6174Pochini
brain teaser 14299MELODIE
breach in the wall 13259jeepster
breaking the habit 20839Sunsfield
brick wall 10897Timaru
bridge end 5444Ronnie II

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