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Layout name Highest score Scored by
144 tiles 11685Timaru
2 guns 11878anthony
4 rings 12107Timaru
a crown for the queen 24962Timaru
absract reflection 12476Timaru
abstract 6232Anon
accordian 6119Timaru
aliens have landed 12788Timaru
all seeing eye 13481Timaru
an eye for an eye 12450Timaru
anchor 0Anon
ancient city 10004Timaru
ancient egypt 14382anthony
ancient symbols 6778MELODIE
angry dragon 12636von
aquaducts 11870Timaru
archways 24607Timaru
are they triangles 24230Sup123
arena 5496Crusader 5th Time
armchairs 22579Timaru
armoured scorpion 5498Anon
at the zoo 11233Anon
axehead 25856Val
aztec mask 24156wisc G
aztec totums 26517Sup123
back to back 10657Anon
badge 7897edith
balloons 7834kanuhura2
bamboo forest 14641kanuhura2
bamboo grove 5521kanuhura2
barnicle 6075anthony
bats in the belfry 21047Linda Jane
behind bars 24759anthony
big ears 5945MELODIE
binary encoded 13587Val
bird of prey 12551von
birds eye view 5266Anon
blank manuscript 12795Kym
blind rat 13108Anon
blob 6794Mamita
block of test 5267Val
blocks 12911Crusader 5th Time
blocks of life 24303wisc G
bottom of a boat 25664anthony
brain storm 6120Mamita
brain teaser 13603kanuhura2
breach in the wall 13634anthony
breaking the habit 22528wisc G
brick wall 10680BETTIE
bridge end 5334wisc G

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