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Layout name Highest score Scored by
144 tiles 13254DBURN
2 guns 13643DBURN
4 rings 13465DBURN
a crown for the queen 25434DBURN
absract reflection 13943DBURN
abstract 5951Ronnie
accordian 5987Terry
aliens have landed 13761DBURN
all seeing eye 14134DBURN
an eye for an eye 13914DBURN
anchor 4659ikke
ancient city 11916VCS2015
ancient egypt 13266Nancy
ancient symbols 6826MELODIE
angry dragon 13618VCS2015
aquaducts 12442VCS2015
archways 24984colfax, wi
are they triangles 24716DBURN
arena 5114Crusader 4thTime
armchairs 22364VCS2015
armoured scorpion 5200Ronnie
at the zoo 12892VCS2015
axehead 25698Valaree
aztec mask 24828colfax, wi
aztec totums 25841DBURN
back to back 12813VCS2015
badge 6738edi
balloons 7081kanuhura
bamboo forest 14068DBURN
bamboo grove 5372kanuhura
barnicle 6124edi
bats in the belfry 21473VCS2015
behind bars 22732crystal hunter
big ears 5529Ronnie
binary encoded 13120ellen
bird of prey 12753Valerie
birds eye view 4232goober
blank manuscript 12825VCS2015
blind rat 13740crystal hunter
blob 7048George MoReo LT
block of test 4820Ronnie
blocks 12051Crusader 4thTime
blocks of life 24302Sandtiger
bottom of a boat 21899ellen
brain storm 6255JustMe
brain teaser 14337DBURN
breach in the wall 14080Crusader 4thTime
breaking the habit 22052crystal hunter
brick wall 10551ellen
bridge end 4097JustMe

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