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Layout name Highest score Scored by
rainy days 12960Romie
raised ironworks 0Anon
ram 4877Romie
rare orchid 11940bear
recurring pattern 14061MELODIE
reflection 12362bear
refraction 0Anon
regal jewellery 6899MELODIE
regal monument 12911Timaru
remains of athens 26153Val
remains of rome 26268Val
rich tapestry 12875bear
rock paper scissors 12022bear
rocket 0Anon
rocking chair 12556bear
roman bath 11735bear
roman baths 5523Anon
rope bridge 4840Anon
rose 4683Romie
row of pits 14335Anon
rowing boat 4908Anon
rub the lamp 13266bella
rug 12041bear
runner beans 14189MELODIE
safety in numbers 5245MELODIE
scattered rain 6139Romie
sea horse 11840bear
sea snail 12774bear
secret garden 11747bear
shallow 7333Lou
shamrock 12934bear
shattered emerald 14519bear
shooting stars 13302bear
short circuit 5399Random
shrines 16813Anon
siblings 12556bear
silly face 11395bear
simple plan 5814MELODIE
six bones 14665Anon
six chambers 12021bella
six steps 5218MELODIE
sleepy 11808bear
sleepy hollow 12696Romie
slippery slope 5381superfetatoire
small jellyfish 5838MELODIE
small monument 6100MELODIE
small shapes 12890Anon
small tomb 13860von
smog 28855MELODIE
snail 11235superfetatoire

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