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Layout name Highest score Scored by
rainy days 12061Timaru
raised ironworks 0Anon
ram 4368Anon
rare orchid 11573Anon
recurring pattern 14591MELODIE
reflection 11266Anon
refraction 0Anon
regal jewellery 7079Timaru
regal monument 13939MELODIE
remains of athens 24336Timaru
remains of rome 26310MELODIE
rich tapestry 11966Anon
rock paper scissors 12638Anon
rocket 0Anon
rocking chair 12607Anon
roman bath 13405Anon
roman baths 5553Anon
rope bridge 5267Anon
rose 4443Anon
row of pits 13661anthony
rowing boat 5231Anon
rub the lamp 13819jeepster
rug 13365Timaru
runner beans 14692MELODIE
safety in numbers 5418MELODIE
scattered rain 5719Anon
sea horse 13615MELODIE
sea snail 12366DV8
secret garden 12213Anon
shallow 6964superfetatoire
shamrock 13759Anon
shattered emerald 13633DV8
shooting stars 12909anthony
short circuit 5501Random
shrines 13811Anon
siblings 13114DV8
silly face 13459anthony
simple plan 6079Anon
six bones 14198Anon
six chambers 12493MELODIE
six steps 5348gp
sleepy 12033Anon
sleepy hollow 13331Anon
slippery slope 5304Wastel
small jellyfish 5897MELODIE
small monument 6065MELODIE
small shapes 13983anthony
small tomb 14697Anon
smog 27328Timaru
snail 11475jeepster

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