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Layout name Highest score Scored by
rainy days 12166von
raised ironworks 0Anon
ram 5163Crusader 5th Time
rare orchid 12285Timaru
recurring pattern 14461MELODIE
reflection 11849BRB
refraction 0Anon
regal jewellery 6945Timaru
regal monument 13557Timaru
remains of athens 25128Val
remains of rome 26148Val
rich tapestry 11662Timaru
rock paper scissors 11348gladdy
rocket 0Anon
rocking chair 12963bella
roman bath 12244Timaru
roman baths 5547Anon
rope bridge 5303MELODIE
rose 5349david
row of pits 13522Anon
rowing boat 5771von
rub the lamp 12967bella
rug 12053bella
runner beans 14090MELODIE
safety in numbers 5398Anon
scattered rain 6036von
sea horse 13147Timaru
sea snail 12119von
secret garden 11900Anon
shallow 6753von
shamrock 13038Anon
shattered emerald 14314DV8
shooting stars 13890Anon
short circuit 5520Anon
shrines 15223Anon
siblings 11839Anon
silly face 11416Timaru
simple plan 6041MELODIE
six bones 15722nath
six chambers 12829Timaru
six steps 5583Timaru
sleepy 11791Timaru
sleepy hollow 12734Val
slippery slope 5391Crusader 5th Time
small jellyfish 5415MELODIE
small monument 6052Timaru
small shapes 13002Anon
small tomb 14177Anon
smog 26395MELODIE
snail 12350DV8

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