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Layout name Highest score Scored by
made in heaven 12680VCS2015
magnifying glass 12828tomato
mahjong 12392VCS2015
mainframe 13512tomato
male and female 11987VCS2015
many bridges to cross 12067VCS2015
many chains 23566kathy
mask 5352Crusader 4thTime
meandering wall 12385VCS2015
meet in the middle 11902VCS2015
micro-organism 12289VCS2015
microchip 23931VCS2015
milky way 23140Goddezz
millipede 27195Miss X
mini towers 11378Anthony
missing element 5320George MoReo LT
moment of creation 12968VCS2015
moon and sun 24453Sunsfield
mosaic1 5699Crusader 4thTime
mosaic2 7440Crusader 4thTime
mosaic3 19068Crusader 4thTime
mosaic4 6000Crusader 4thTime
mosaic5 11821von
mosaic6 13430Crusader 4thTime
mosaic7 6723Crusader 4thTime
moth 24927Miss X
mountainous 12353VCS2015
mouse 7699Annick Jeanne
mr tortoise 12100VCS2015
mushrooms 11293VCS2015
music to my ears 8450Anita
my house 13305Crusader 4thTime
mysterious present 13384GRANNY PI
mystery 5452GRANNY PI
mystic balloons 12019VCS2015
mystic dream 11447C3
mystic mountains 11997VCS2015
mystic spanner 4956Anthony
mystic swirl 12243VCS2015
mystical eye maze 13989Valaree
mystical pattern 12083VCS2015
narrow 6395Anthony
nebulae 6787edi
needle work creation 11870VCS2015
neural network 11610tomato
nexus 5307Crusader 4thTime
nice pattern 23947VCS2015
oberon 5535Monique
ocean waves 22861Sunsfield
octagon 13852Anthony

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