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Layout name Highest score Scored by
half pipe 13190Anon
handywork 13156DV8
hang glider 5539bella
harmonica 5067Anon
hash hash colon 5509MELODIE
helicopter 13710Anon
helipad 13251Anon
helmet 5173Crusader 5th Time
hidden couch 21282Timaru
hide and seek 25030Anon
hiding places 13114Anon
higilty pigilty 22404DV8
hills and holes 28457Timaru
hole in the heart 12250Anon
home from home 12808Anon
honeycomb 5447Anon
horsey 13285DV8
hour glass 5250L
hourglass 12065DV8
how many levels 0Anon
hungry serpent 11325DV8
hypnotise 19080Anon
i love laura 0Anon
igloo mansion 25699Anon
imperial showground 12582DV8
in the valley 12928DV8
inca mask 6869Crusader 5th Time
indian burial ground 12183DV8
industrial 5525Anon
infinity 11492Anon
inner peace 12643Anon
interlock 10192Anon
interlocking rings 29772MELODIE
into the mainframe 25336Val
inversion 12841Anon
island at sea 4774Crusader 5th Time
isles 5560MELODIE
it came from the deep 9798paliz
ivory tower 12697Anon
jail bird 12060DV8
japanese bath house 10813Anon
japanese garden 11035DV8
jaws 10953von
jesters cap 11134von
kakuro 7568Crusader 5th Time
key holes 8105Anon
key to my heart 13771DV8
knave 5384Anon
knitting pattern 5448david
krypton 10820Anon

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