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Layout name Highest score Scored by
half pipe 11570Romie
handywork 12062Romie
hang glider 6586Romie
harmonica 4604Romie
hash hash colon 4630Romie
helicopter 12608Romie
helipad 10511Romie
helmet 5175Romie
hidden couch 20207Romie
hide and seek 22491Romie
hiding places 10946Romie
higilty pigilty 20508Romie
hills and holes 25511Timaru
hole in the heart 9567Romie
home from home Anon
honeycomb 4632Anon
horsey Anon
hour glass 4418Timaru
hourglass 9677Anon
how many levels 0Anon
hungry serpent 8112ANITA
hypnotise 18704Dawn
i love laura 0Anon
igloo mansion 20602von
imperial showground 12524Timaru
in the valley 10171Anon
inca mask 7350Anon
indian burial ground 8868Dawn
industrial 5520Anon
infinity 10134Lupo
inner peace 8852ANITA
interlock 13885Timaru
interlocking rings 29627Sup123
into the mainframe 21756Timaru
inversion 9387ANITA
island at sea 3347Anon
isles 5574kanuhura2
it came from the deep 7522Just Me
ivory tower 9769Anon
jail bird 9126Dawn
japanese bath house 8038Dawn
japanese garden 8228Dawn
jaws 9900Lupo
jesters cap 9247Lupo
kakuro Anon
key holes 7987Anon
key to my heart 14430George Moreo LT
knave 5045jar4
knitting pattern 4470nessy
krypton 10217Anon

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