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Layout name Highest score Scored by
half pipe 14076Anthony
handywork 13507tomato
hang glider 5742Crusader 4thTime
harmonica 5259pandora
hash hash colon 5277MELODIE
helicopter 12285crystal hunter
helipad 12361Anthony
helmet 5403Crusader 4thTime
hidden couch 23314colfax, wi
hide and seek 24972colfax, wi
hiding places 12273Gabriel
higilty pigilty 23837colfax, wi
hills and holes 29565tomato
hole in the heart 12176tomato
home from home 12215tomato
honeycomb 5036mona
horsey 13538Nancy
hour glass 5250MELODIE
hourglass 11551crystal hunter
how many levels 19464mic le terrible
hungry serpent 11985crystal hunter
hypnotise 21553Ann
i love laura 0Not Set
igloo mansion 25640Yevaud
imperial showground 11217Ann
in the valley 12466tomato
inca mask 8544Crusader 4thTime
indian burial ground 12206tomato
industrial 5447Leonarda
infinity 12686Anthony
inner peace 12095Ann
interlock 10894ice
interlocking rings 28479MELODIE
into the mainframe 23218colfax, wi
inversion 12131Anthony
island at sea 4613Crusader 4thTime
isles 5294MELODIE
it came from the deep 11047Ann
ivory tower 12973Nancy
jail bird 13003Anthony
japanese bath house 12298colfax, wi
japanese garden 10020mari
jaws 11134WAWA
jesters cap 10773ice
kakuro 7627Crusader 4thTime
key holes 8494Monique
key to my heart 13508tomato
knave 5401George MoReo LT
knitting pattern 5410Valaree
krypton 10292youandi

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