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Score Board
1, Anon
2, Anon
3, Anon
4, Anon
5, Anon
6, Anon
7, Anon
8, Anon
9, Anon
10, Anon
1, joan
2, ray
3, zoe
4, donna
5, claudette
6, carol
7, Jerry
8, joan
9, peaches66
10, joan
Mahjong World's features
Over 500+ layouts included
Mahjong World doesn't just come with the regular 144 tile layouts, it has 3 different sizes to challenge you. There are small layouts for when you need that quick Mahjong fix, or huge layouts for when you have a lot of time on your hands!

Play with over people across the world
Mahjong World allows you to compete with other players for the top-10 scores on each layout. Every player is also ranked according to their mahjong skill and experience.

Build your tile collection
By playing through the game, you can unlock a secret set of ancient tiles. Some of these tiles are earned through experience and some are awarded for cunning. Other players can view your tile collection and so you must work hard to prove your Mahjong mastery!

Original music and beautiful graphics
Gentle oriental music and sounds will sooth your soul as you match tiles.

There's so much more...
Words can only convey so much, download a copy of Mahjong World, and experience it for yourself.